The atmosphere of Note in Silence Studio combines the characteristics of Eastern Zen philosophy and the romantic yet solemn features of the British Empire, resulting in a unique sense of serene beauty that arises from their harmonious balance.


    The studio constantly explores the balance between these two aesthetic philosophies and is dedicated to refining the essence of East Asian culture and the humanistic art of the British Empire in everyday life through the use of objects, capturing the atmosphere, and staging living spaces. This is done to document the blended beauty that surrounds space and life.


    Fu, the founder of Note in Silence Studio, is an independent ambiance designer/ Property stylist who collaborates on various types of spatial design projects.

  • Our Work


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    House F&C. | Taipei

    Staging work with interior design firm fws_work.

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    The Collector's flat | Surrey

    Staging work of a residential property in south England.

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    the flat above dock | London

    Staging work of a modern flat in Canary Wharf, London.

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    Flat 6 | Surrey

    Staging work of a residential property in south England.