• Flat 6

    Surrey, UK

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  • Staging concept

    Flat 6 is a small apartment situated on the second top floor of a tower-shaped building. It is surrounded by wild, towering chestnut trees, with two well-maintained lawns in the distance. The living room of the apartment features floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides, offering panoramic views of layered tree shadows and the beautifullly changing seasons. In the southern region of England, the transitions between seasons are pronounced and distinctive. By facing the West, the sight of the setting sun disappearing behind the treetops into the mountains is a representative scene of the property.


    Flat 6是一間小型公寓。是塔型建築的最上層。四周圍繞著高聳的栗子樹,遠處有兩片平整的草坪。公寓大廳為一個三面環窗的空間,往外看見的是層疊得樹影,以及四季更迭。英格蘭南方季節變換明顯且宜人,此處面西,夕陽在樹梢上沒入山林的景色非常具有代表性。

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  • Zen






    "To cultivate stillness together with nature in every passing day" is perhaps the most precious inspiration we have gained from this project.


    The space is adorned with several iconic works from the mid-20th century, echoing the era of the tower's architect. The main staging concept is centered around "trees and branches" as well as the warmth of the lingering sunset, which extends into the material palette and color tones unique to Flat 6.


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