• House F&C

    Taipei, Taiwan

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  • Staging concept

    Located in the Xinyi District of Taipei City, "House F&C. 馥丘" is a collaborative project between Note in Silence studio and the Dezeen Award-winning New York-based interior design studio, fws_work. It is a hybrid space that combines residential and gallery functions.

    In terms of staging concept, the space captures the historical charm of Taipei and harnesses the power of contemporary Taiwanese culture and art. It integrates Note in Silence studio's ongoing pursuit and understanding of "serenity" to create a space that is tranquil, relaxing, and imbued with design energy.



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  • Dsplaying

    In the tea room, the designer ingeniously utilizes suspended tabletops and recessed walls to create a floating niche. The tabletop is made of unpolished limestone, preserving the natural texture and veining of the stone, adding an element of "raw" tranquility and solemnity to the space.


    Various bottles and vessels of different shapes, sizes, and materials are displayed, with color tones chosen to complement the tea room, including misty gray-green, milk white, and deep brown.







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  • "In Praise of Shadows."

    Due to the orientation and window placement, this space has limited natural lighting. Even on sunny days, sunlight can only penetrate about one meter, accounting for about one-tenth of the entire room. We embrace the inherent beauty of shadows and incorporate several classic light fixtures. The color scheme is predominantly low saturation, with only a few items occasionally adding vibrant accents. Furniture materials are chosen to focus on washi paper, natural wood, pure linen, stone, and rattan weaving.


    The designer uses a significant amount of woven rattan as partitions, allowing light to permeate throughout the space and enabling visual breathing, thus adding layers to the space.





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