Chinese Philosophies


    Moribana is a Japanese term means “heaped-up flowers”, it is a Japanese flower arrangement style of arranging in which naturalistic landscapes are constructed in low dish-like vases. Developed by Mr. Ohara Unshin, the founder of the Ohara school of floral art, Moribana breaks with the rigid structural rules of classical floral art; it sometimes incorporates flowers imported from Western countries and uses the basic triangular principle of floral art in a three-dimensional (foreground, middle ground, and distance) way.







    花道的起源是有靈性的,可追溯至中國隋朝時代的佛堂供花,後透過禪宗與茶道一併傳入日本,其後便在日本發展出有系統的流派。中國花道講求時性和諧以及人的感受,一草一木、一株一露皆可入作,花作本身、賞花的姿態,與其周邊自然萬物需是息息相關且無縫融合的。在日本,小原流花道的崛起在反思傳統花道體制之下,強調了景觀(landscape) 與花道的對話,在稍加貼近當代藝術與國際花藝需求的同時,也向著花道的起源-中國花道的哲學邁進一步。在植間,花道是為一種永動的參與過程,以花養心;紀錄自花開至花謝每一瞬細微的生命流動。