• The collector's flat

    Surrey, UK

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  • Staging concept

    This house reflects the homeowner's passion for and appreciation of contemporary art and British antiques. Antiques and vintage items carry the accumulation of time and bear cultural and artisanal significance. They resonate with contemporary art in a quiet yet profound dialogue that moves us deeply.


    The house has a Victorian-style with a touch of Tudor elegance, complemented by a serene and effortless garden. It exudes a sense of dignity with a touch of wildness. The interior ambiance takes inspiration from the homeowner's collection of antiques and art, delicately creating intense dialogues across various temporal and spatial backgrounds through carefully curated displays.






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  • the Richness

    The classic English style is encompassed in the "lush and abundant" atmosphere, from the vibrant garden with blooming flowers to the meticulously arranged interior decor. We have captured its essence by focusing on collecting and displaying, while also incorporating some simplifications to align with contemporary lifestyles.



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  • Blooming 綻放





    Gardening is not just a centuries-old tradition for the British; it is a source of pride and an integral part of their way of life. In the UK, people often bring flowers into their homes according to the seasons, as it is considered a quintessential element of classic English interior decor.


    We have incorporated seasonal flowers such as peonies, daffodils, irises, and chocolate cosmos, along with some wildflowers and grasses freshly picked from the garden. These flowers accompany the chest of drawers made out of maghogany, walnut tea tables, and various antique furniture pieces, bringing the essence of the garden into the living space.

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  • The collector

    The homeowner has a passionate love and desire for objects with a significant history and age, and over the course of several years, they have gradually collected a range of antique furniture from England, utensils from various Chinese dynasties, traditional Japanese craft cups and bowls, and even sculptures dating back as early as the beginning of the 12th century. Within their private domain, they can slow down and appreciate these cherished items, creating a unique and beautiful atmosphere.


    This environment allows the homeowner to deeply experience the stories and history behind each treasure, and to feel the intersection and dialogue of different cultures and arts. These precious artifacts add a distinctive charm to the living space, making it truly exceptional. In this special ambiance, the homeowner can immerse themselves in the embrace of history and art, gaining endless inspiration and fulfillment.





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