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    2023年初,完工坐落於台北信義區的「House F&C. 馥丘」私空間。此空間成為了境號工作室在台北的第一個實體據點,除了不定期會輸入兩位創辦人在英國當地覓得的器物古董、藝術品以及花道作品,也希望作為對外開放空間,回饋給台灣當地在藝術設計領域的耕耘者舉行展售、攝影、活動等的場地。





    Note In Silence studio is a staging/ property styling related design firm established at the end of 2020. Upholding its very nature of wondering meanings and peacefulness from the surrounding environment, the studio has been archiving objects and ideas that contain unique tranquillity and cultural philosophy. Through reaching out to art, ikebana, photography and antiques displaying in a private dwelling in London, England, the studio writes its own notes of interior atmosphere.


    The founder, Fu, having spent many years in the UK, constantly explores the fields of art and environmental psychology, keen to utilize the essence and temperament of things to create narratives of space that are introverted and tranquil. With her husband Matthew, they share the same philosophy and a deep resonance with each other's cultural backgrounds, and established Note in Silence Studio together, continuously exploring and cultivating the unique blend of Eastern and Western tranquility.


    In early 2023, the design firm completed "House F&C.", a private showroom located in Taipei's Xinyi District. In addition to occasionally display antique objects and furnitures sourced sourcesourced by both Fu and Matthew from the U.K., artworks and Ikebana works by Fu would also be found in the space through special events.


    The founders hope to use the space as an open venue to give back to the local art and design community in Taiwan by hosting exhibitions, sales, photography sessions, and eventsi n the future.


    "HOUSE F&C." serves as Note in Silence's staging showroom, we look forward to welcoming any interior collaborations.