• Flat above a dock

    Canary Wharf, UK

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  • Staging concept

    The 'dock' was the featured element that left a deep impression on us during our first visit to the property.


    Canary Wharf in London is a major financial hub in the UK. What makes it particularly special is its proximity to the River Thames. In the early days, it was a bustling area for the shipping activities of the East India Company. As a result, the urban district presents a juxtaposition of small docks and towering technological buildings. Walking between the suspension bridge and the waterfront, one can observe flocks of water birds, while the towering skyscrapers appear to float on the shimmering blue waves."





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  • Balance

    The property is located on the 14th floor and consists of a living room and a bedroom, both adorned with large floor-to-ceiling windows. Just below the balcony lies the dock. Standing on the balcony and looking down, one often catches sight of seagulls gracefully gliding over the water. We have incorporated this sense of freedom, tranquility, and balance into every corner of the interior.



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  • Floating and the flow




    It achieves a balance between the distinctive commercial atmosphere of Canary Wharf and the rich historical charm and contemporary artistic style of Greater London. The overall ambiance is based on the interplay of light and shadow throughout the day and night, with accents of the unique lake blue found in the surrounding waterways. The space is adorned with specially created paintings and floral arrangements by the designer, creating a living environment that embodies the serene and abundant contemplative energy of modern urban life.

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